Harrisonburg DUI Lawyer

The state of Virginia takes drunk driving charges very seriously, levying stiff charges and penalties. A conviction almost always results in a license suspension, many times in addition to mandatory jail time. You need representation on your side from a skilled attorney who will aggressively fight for you to see that your rights are protected.

At GravesWhetzel Law, PLLC, we are committed to defending you in the face of these overwhelming charges. With your rights and driving privileges on the line, you need a firm that has the veteran skill and experience to understand what needs to be done and how to contest the charges.

Harrisonburg DUI Attorney

It is important that you contact us to have representation as soon as possible following a DUI stop. We will get involved quickly. Each situation is different, and we will carefully assess the stop during which you were charged and determine where the strengths of your case lie. There is a very specific protocol which law enforcement must follow to make a legal charge against you.

There must be a probable cause for the police officer to pull you over. We will determine if there was a reason for the stop to have taken place.

We gather all pertinent evidence, including video, audio and test samples, creating a complete file of your case from the beginning. We will assess all tests that were used, including the field sobriety test, the Breathalyzer test and any blood samples that were taken. Rarely does the prosecution have an air tight case, and we will find the holes in their case.

Staunton Traffic Violations Attorney

We are also equipped to protect your interests when you face driving offenses, ranging from simple offenses to serious traffic offenses. This can cover the span of speeding tickets and reckless driving charges to grave charges such as eluding, leaving the scene of an accident and vehicular manslaughter. Serious charges can result in a felony, and you must take them seriously.

To learn how a criminal defense lawyer can protect your interests as you face potentially life-altering charges, please call our office today at 540-208-0865.