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Legal Guidance In Family Law Matters

Facing a divorce and negotiating child support, custody and visitation can be wrought with intense emotions. Having a professional guide to explain the process and support your goals can ensure that emotions do not cloud judgments and that things run as smoothly as possible.

Helping Families Agree On What’s Best

Beyond the arguments and disagreements, most parents truly want what is best for their children and for the family. At GravesWhetzel, PLLC, we will work with you to understand what’s most important to you and then create plans that work toward your goal. We can help you with:

  • Divorce issues
  • Children’s issues, including:
    • Child support
    • Child custody: legal custody, sole custody, physical custody
    • Child visitation issues

A Dual Track Approach

Not every marriage and not every family is the same. Each couple, as well as each family, has unique needs and goals. At GravesWhetzel Law, PLLC, we offer common-sense solutions that take into account the impact that big decisions can have. We offer more than simple legal advice: We work with you through the emotional and financial issues that family law matters entail and offer full-service legal counsel.

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Determining The Best Strategy

In over 15 years of family law practice, our lawyers recognize that most issues can be resolved with focused negotiation. Most people do not want issues to drag on and want to work toward resolution. Our attorneys are experienced and skilled in making use of all available options. However, when negotiation is no longer an option and it is in our client’s best interest, we will not hesitate to actively pursue aggressive litigation.

Preparation For The Future

Transitions represent both endings and beginnings. Adoption, divorce and adjustments to custody can all be positive changes. Working with an established family law attorney can help prepare you and your children for the immediate future as well as for the rest of your lives.

Our Harrisonburg, Virginia, firm has helped hundreds of people just like you manage the stress of a major change in the family. We care about your future. Call 540-208-0865 or email us and a family law attorney will get in touch with you promptly.